Aarogya Lakshmi

The Churning of the milky ocean that gave Lakshmi back to the world also produced Dhanvantri from its depths. He appeared carrying the pot of ambrosia or elixir or 'Amrit'. Ma Lakshmi is thus deeply connected to the aspect of health as wealth and is represented as Aarogya Lakshmi.

Aarogya means freedom or prevention from 'rog' or illness. As they say, 'prevention is better than cure'. Aarogya Lakshmi inspires us to inculcate healthy habits and prevent any disease right from the start.

Both Dhanvantri and Aarogya Lakshmi represent health and healing from illnesses. Aarogya Lakshmi lives in the home bringing, health, longevity and vitality to the family members.

Purity of food, clean home, fresh air, exercise are represented by Aarogys Lakshmi. This aspect of her existence, allows one to enjoy Lakshmi Ma's bounties and blessings in a healthy body and mind.

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