Vision & Mission Statements


To reach all generations of World Citizens living across the globe and share Hindu folklore and traditions, about India, with them.


  • To research, find information, and stories that can make us all a little more informed and educated about our cultural heritage.
  • To present information in easy understandable English language – through topic specific articles, e-books, and e-courses.

Our Website: website was initially conceived for our children living around the globe. Living in different countries and cultures it is natural for them to wonder about their background, cultural heritage, and religion. Earlier Indian origin people lived in joint family systems where religious festivals, customs, and traditions were naturally passed down from the elders and family members in daily living. It was not something that was deliberately thought about but was something naturally integrated to everyday life.

Now it is a little different. Nuclear families living in different parts of the world look back with nostalgia about their own upbringing and wonder how they can pass some of their traditions to the next generation, their children. Sometimes even the children feel curious to know a little more about their history, ancestors, and culture.

This website is an effort to enlist, discuss, research and gather knowledge about our Indian culture, religion, and tradition and present it to everyone both for knowledge and enjoyment.

We would like to emphasize, this website does not aim to hurt the sentiments of any other country, religion or culture.  These areas of discussion here are often open to different kinds of interpretations depending on differing mindsets, exposures and interpretations. However, our aim and intention is solely to promote love, harmony and universal brotherhood through everything we present. We seek your support, constructive criticism, and good will in this endeavour.

Why Ma Lakshmi?

It would be a very limiting belief and interpretation to think of Ma Lakshmi as one who gives us only money, jewellery or riches. The purpose of this website would be completely lost if we thought only in terms of money. In fact it would turn every thought into a small jest.

Not to say that money is not important. It is very important. We need it for our most basic needs like food, clothing and housing. But Ma Lakshmi is more.. Much-Much more. Lakshmi  is the incarnation of Devi that runs this world in her many forms.  Devi is the embodiment of Shakti or power. She is the energy that propels thought into action. Like running water, she is the active power or energy that moves living humanity from birth to death.

 Ma Lakshmi is that “roop” or interpretation of Devi that powers the working of Lord Vishnu in this living world. Vishnu is given the responsibility of administering this world and Lakshmi is the shakti or power behind his work. She keeps you focused on your life goals or “Lakshya”. Lakshmi has many other avatars where she works either as an aid to Vishnu’s avatars like Sita, Radha, Rukmini, etc or as herself as VijayLakshmi (victory), Dhanya Lakshmi (food), Santan Lakshmi (children), Deep Lakshmi (understanding), Bhagya Lakshmi (destiny) etc. We owe our life to her blessings.