About Us

Seema Singh went to school at Lady Sri Ram college in New Delhi, India, Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ) and Teachers College, Columbia University (New York), in the USA.

This website is a long time passion of love come true. The endevour is to accumulate, refine, and present information about Ma Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Knowledge about this Goddess resides in most Indian homes through rites, rituals, puja books, scriptures, and word of mouth.

Hinduism follows the path of nature. The multiple Indian Gods and Goddesses depict nature in its many forms. For example, Lord Agnidev (Fire), Indradev (Rain and thunder), Saraswati (Knowledge), Durga (Power and strength), Vishnu (protector and preserver), Brahma (creator) etc. all represent nature. Through signs, symbols, and stories, man is imparted the lesson to love and live per the law of nature.

Lakshmi inspires us to seek and welcome wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual into our lives. Wealth powers one's life to align with progress. Life is a continuous flow of giving and receiving. Without wealth of some sort we cannot do much either for ourselves or others. Ma Lakshmi, therefore, directs us to use any wealth or knowledge for the benefit of all around us.

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