Lakshmi or Chanchala is a name derived from the Hindi word 'chanchal' or one who is restless, always involved in some activity or on the move. Lakshmi is depicted as Chanchala since she is always active.

A home must be clean and clutter free so that energy can meander freely else suffocation and disease will prosper. Similarly, water in stagnated ponds cannot be consumed because of the decay and disease in it. One must find a moving spring to get fresh drinking water.

Food also needs to be either eaten, discarded or distributed or it will be unhealthy for consumption. In the same way it is believed that only free flow of wealth regenerates wealth and brings lasting prosperity.

Lakshmi does not like to be chained down and hoarded away safely. She nourishes, empowers and thrives when there is constant inflow and outflow of wealth. Economies which create wealth, and are liquid expand and prosper.

All Indian festivals encourage people to give in the form of clothes, sweets, gifts, time, assistance, and charity. When Lakshmi is in motion a greater good is created. It is believed a giving person never becomes a needy person and always has enough and more to give. An inflow of wealth is created when one gives freely.