Lakshmi inspires 'Lakshya' or goals:

The word 'Lakshmi' is derived from the word 'Lakshya' or goal. So, how important is goal in one's life? Very important..

Have you ever asked yourself where you're headed in this life? Sometimes yes, probably no..

Most of us live life aimlessly from day to day. We just take things as its handed to us. Events control our actions and we end up feeling used, listless, bored. There is just no energy, no enthusiasm, no excitement......

Some famous examples:

It is said that 'fortune comes to the prepared mind' or that 'luck favors the prepared mind'. Who is the 'prepared mind'? Well.. he/she is one who has envisioned a goal and has worked towards making it a reality.

You may know, Bill Clinton, former US president, carried a written note in his pocket that he read daily. On that note he had written that he would be the president of America, one day. A high goal indeed. Yet he took a step towards that direction every day and ultimately made it come true.

Similarly, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, as a teenager had announced that he would be a billionaire by age 30. People had laughed at him. But his goal was made. He took action and achieved what he had set out for.

In the Indian epic Mahabharata, Arjun, was once asked by his guru or teacher to pierce the eye of a rotating fish. The task was tough as the fish was mounted high on top of a fast spinning pole.

The guru asked Arjun, who was preparing his bow and arrow for taking the shot, 'What do you see'? Arjun aimed his arrow and said 'Guruji, Only and just only the eye of the fish'. Arjun had blocked every thing from his mind and from the path of his vision to singularly focus on one eye of the rotating fish. Sure enough, his arrow reached its goal, going straight to pierce the eye of the spinning fish.

Why do we need goals?:

These are popular stories about famous people, which illustrate the power of both short term and long term goals.

The power of goals cannot be underestimated in giving any task more meaning and significance. Goals help one accumulate focus and energy to reach the set target. Action receives impetus and excitement and enthusiasm is added to reach destination.

We can all benefit in our lives by having various 'lakshya' or goals. One can start by making some short term goals and some long term goals and then get about the business of completing them.

Some people do well by dividing their goals into little categories, like, career goals, fitness goals, education goals, family goals etc. There are many ways to tap into this power. Try it.

A direction is set. Our desire to achieve something is stimulated and we have something to pursue. Also a mental picture is formed. And once we can visualize what it is we want and how we need to go about it, only action is needed.

Action - The vital key:

One final word. No amount of thought or planning in finding one's 'lakshya' or goal is worth the effort without taking ACTION.. If you did not act on your goals, you might as well not have them. Action is that missing link that gives life and shape to your goals.

So go on make a 'lakshya' for yourself, aim for the stars, and take action.