Advertisement Posting Instructions


Booking and posting an advertisement on website is very simple and easy. You  have to follow just two steps.


1. You must provide us all the information and picture you want to post in your advertisements by email.

Click here for format in which you must send us all your informations.

2. a. For clients in India - Please make your annual payments at the nearest Solo Build It (State Bank of India) branch. Just deposit the relevant amount in the dedicated account there.

Click here for Solo Build It payment format and information.

    b. For clients outside India - Please make your payments by Paypal subscription.

Click here for payment by Paypal button.

All Done - Thank you.


We will verify your email and payment and call you. During the call we will discuss all details of your ad and verify your needs. We will also send you an acknowledgement slip and receipt via email.

Please allow us 2-5 days to post your ad and let it go live online on the website.

Note: You can renew your order once every year

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