Raj Lakshmi

The blessings of Royalty is bestowed upon a person by Raj Lakshmi. Ma Lakshmi in this role blesses certain chosen people to be kings and great leaders. Any leader in a great position of power and glory has Raj Lakshmi on his side. It is therefore, said that kings are made by Gods

Indeed when a child is born, the parents are quick to ask their purohit or Pandit if the child has 'Raj Yog' in his 'Kundali' or birth chart. Royalty or sovereignty bestows a person with wealth, power, and every possible material fortunes.

On being blessed by Raj Lakshmi, one has the attraction in his or her personality to impress people and gather support for all undertaken tasks.

Raj Lakshmi also represents the post or position and not necessarily the person. The person who holds that post enjoys all the benefits.

Raj Lakshmi is also known to change her mind quickly and replace one king with another depending on who she feels is most capable and fit to sit on a certain throne or uphold a certain position.

As long as Raj Lakshmi's blessing remains with a person, he or she is strong, powerful and stable on the throne. Upholding the laws of 'Dharma' pleases Raj Lakshmi. A kind, generous, lawful king always has Raj Lakshmi's blessings.

The symbols that depict the power and abode of Raj Lakshmi are the crown, throne, elephant etc.