Sanskar Lakshmi

'Sanskar' is the value system or personal belief system that defines a person. Given a situation, any two people behave in two different ways. where does this difference come from? Well, each is guided by his or her Sanskar. Its their self image of them selves.

A good Sanskar is a valuable gift from Sanskar Lakshmi Maa. A lot is learned and imbibed in childhood from what a child observes of his surrounding and environment. Parents are the first guru or teacher of a child and the strongest Sanskar are formed from the parents.

A child is blessed by Sanskar Lakshmi through his parents and a good upbringing. The conduct and attitude experienced in childhood always stays with a person. However, with the blessings of Sanskar Lakshmi, a child can make a very different personal value system for himself or herself, even if the childhood learning did not define him or her.

It is very easy to fall pray to bad habits and wrong desires in life. Sometimes people change their Sanskar for the worse as they grow up. Wrong attitude and perspective color every action and experience of one's life. Its only with the blessings of Sanskar Lakshmi that one keeps headed in the right direction in the right way.

'Dharma' as upheld by lord Vishnu is right conduct and choosing of the right path in one's life and livelihood. Sanskar is how we develop our personality, habits, attitude, actions and reactions to life's situations. A good Sanskar is hard to acquire and takes conscious effort to uphold.

Values such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, humility, kindness, soft speech, helping nature, charity, joyful attitude define Sanskar.