'Sthayi' or Stable Lakshmi

If you want a steady income that does not rise or fall continuously. If you want your income to grow steadily upwards. If you want to be 'Dhanwan' or prosperous. If you want 'nishchal' or one which is not unstable but rather 'sthayi' or stable Lakshmi in your life listen to what Ma Lakshmi says.

"Patrabhyagw Daan Maan Charan Prakchalam Bhojanam
Sat Seva Pitri Dev Warchna Vidhih Satyangawa Palanam
Dhanya Naampi Sangraho Na Kalah Shchita Tri Roopa Priya
Drishta Praha Hari Vasami Kamla Tashmin Grihe Nishchala"

Ma Lakshmi says - " I stay in a home.....

1. where guests come in and out. Where guests are welcomed and where food is prepared for them
2. where all folks are given 'seva' or are looked after
3. where frequent puja/vrat/upasana take place
4. where truth prevails and where falsehood is shunned
5. where 'Dharma Karya' or work related to righteousness is performed. e.g. feeding poor, charity, helping others etc.
6. where wrong doings are not done
7. where cows are looked after and fed
8. where wealth is accumulated for donation
9. where family members do not fight
10. where kindness and trust prevails
11. where women are treated with dignity and respect
12. where the wife (Griha Lakshmi) is nurturing and 'sukhi' or satisfied

Ma Lakshmi says - " I stay 'nischal' or stable in this kind of home. Every where else, I cast a fleeting glance....."