Symbols of Ma Lakshmi

Goddess Ma Lakshmi is always seen associated with some symbols that are unique to her. Each symbol has a story to tell and signifies her role as the Goddess of abundance, prosperity, wealth, success, and progress.


One always sees elephants pouring water over Goddess Lakshmi in all images. Elephants symbolize royal power and immense wealth. Elephant is the largest animal in the jungle. Pouring water is like the 'abhishek' or anointment of a king. Also, only kings and great land lords have the power to buy and maintain elephants.

Elephants also signify rain bearing thunder and clouds. With rain comes water to the parched land aiding fertility and prosperity of the land and rich crop.

The thunder and clouds are also associated with the king of Gods - Indra, who rides his elephant, the mighty 'Airavat'. Abundance of crop, gain in wealth, royalty etc. are thus associated with Ma Lakshmi.