Vaastu and Feng Shui

Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui are ancient practices that have shown miraculous results in aiding and supporting a person's desires and endevor in creating a satisfying and successful life. These practices are still a flourishing belief even today.

The common scientic belief behind these concepts are the eath's electromagnetic fields. There is a natural law in play in the cosmos which affect the rains, sun-moon, climates, air, seasons, plant-animal-human life cycles etc.

Vaastu Shashtra and Feng Shui practices provide tips to live in harmony with the natural forces and thereby benefit from their beneficial influences.

Monetary well being and financial stability are important human pursuits. Therefore, wealth creation is provided a important place in these practices.

Given below are some of the major concepts or tips of wealth creation mentioned in these practices......

Vaastu Shashtra Tips:

  1. Please Kuber, the God of wealth. Let your cupboards with money and jewellery open towards the north.
  2. NE or 'Ishaan Kon' portion of homes should be open, clean, clutter free.
  3. There should be no leakages and no dripping from the taps and pipes.
  4. Keep your kitchen in the SE part of home or 'Agni Kon' and face east to cook.
  5. T-Point homes should be avoided.
  6. Entrance of the homes should not have any obstructions.
  7. Doors and Windows should not be dirty and creaky.
  8. Treat your home as a temple. Keep it clean.
  9. Plant, Tulsi, Marigold flowers, Money Plants, Banana trees etc in your home.
  10. Keep your kitchen and fridge full of food.

Feng Shui Tips:

  1. Keep an aquarium with Gold fishes in your home. Keep the water clean in the aquarium.
  2. Keep the front door of the house, clean and attractive.
  3. Keep your home clutter free.
  4. Discard old items in the home for free flow of energy and to attract new wealth.
  5. Keep living plants in your home.
  6. Keep mirrors that reflect the dining table full of food. Keep mirror in your money box to reflect money and double it.
  7. Use purple color in the SE part of home.
  8. Keep Crystals and Laughing Buddha in your home.
  9. Keep water bodies in the North part of your home.
  10. Keep your store room fully stocked and your rice pot over flowing.