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Welcome to the “guest posting” area of Ma Lakshmi website and blog: 

Some of our readers have contacted us for writing to our website and blog. If you would like to get this opportunity, to write about relevant topics, then you are more than welcome to guest post for Malakshmi.com and its Blog.. Your articles will enrich us all with your knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

How to write guest posts:

1. Write something that is completely and uniquely your own words and that you haven’t published elsewhere.

2. Your writing should be about Ma Lakshmi for the website. You can also write about other Gods/Goddesses, rituals, pujas, mantras, Hinduism, Indian culture, or life's precious teachings and lessons, personal experiences etc. for our blog.

3. Article’s length should be at least 300 or more words.

4. Structure your writing for easy and interesting read and use your personal style.

5. Once you write your article, please send it to contact@malakshmi.com with the subject "Guest post for web" or "Guest post for blog".

Here is what you need to send us:

- Your article.

- Your name.

- Your picture (optional). if you desire your photograph to appear at the end of your article.

- Link to your site (optional). It will be published at the end of your article.

Main Terms and Conditions:

After you submit your guest post, it will be reviewed and edited, if needed. When your article is approved, it will be published on www.malakshmi.com or malakshmi blog.

Articles must be unique. No plagiarism please. Let us try to keep our content simple and interesting.

We hope to hear from you soon, looking forward to collaborate with you and publish your guest posts. Thank you.

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